Potty Training Cocker Spaniels

Potty Training Cocker SpanielsFor most pet owners, the most important introduction to the household of the new pet is potty training. Cocker spaniels are especially not exempted from this rule of thumb for two main reasons.

First, cocker spaniels are prone to submissive urination. This is characterized by spontaneous, inappropriate and inconvenient urination on the floor, on objects and even on people when the cocker spaniel is faced with an unfamiliar situation. Said situations usually cause feelings of anxiety, agitation and stress in the cocker spaniel, which then triggers the behavior.

Second, owners will observe that cocker spaniels can eat their own poop. Although this is not a sign of aggression or submission, pet owners must still take action on the matter for hygiene purposes. Besides, it is icky to be the subject of dog kisses when one knows that poop has come into contact with the canine’s mouth.

Focus on Doing

So, how do you start with potty training cocker spaniels? We suggest focusing on training the puppy on what needs to be done instead of what does not need to be done. Usually, telling the dog a command by using negative language is counterintuitive to the entire exercise.

For example, say “Go potty here” and point to the exact spot instead of saying “No potty here, here and here” to many spots in the house. The cocker spaniel will often get the message with the former and be confused with the latter. As intelligent as cocker spaniels can be, it is important to remember that their brains are not similar to the human brain.

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Choose a Specific Spot

Speaking of pointing to an exact spot in the process of potty training cocker spaniels, it is best to choose a spot outside of the house. When the dog is allowed to perform bladder and bowel movement inside the house, it can be construed as a sign that every area is fair game.

The dog must be taken out on a leash to the same spot every time it has to make a bladder or bowel movement. On the first try, lead the dog to the spot, say simple commands like “Go potty” and “Go poop”. Eventually, the dog will associate the words with the activity.

Wait for the dog to do its thing and then repeat the process later in the day. Do not play with the dog on these specific times so that there will be no association made between playing and peeing or pooping.

Use the Crate

One of the most useful tools in potty training cocker spaniels is the crate. Since dogs will not poop and pee in their sleeping places, which just so happens to be the crate, a pet owner is taking an all-important step in potty training.

You must ensure, however, that the crate is a comfortable place to sleep in with beddings and possibly a pillow. Throw in a few toys and treats and the crate will become the dog’s safe haven.

Most important of all, you must praise the dog when it pees and poops in the right spot. A with other types of training, potty training cocker spaniels requires positive reinforcement.

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