English Cocker Spaniel Training

English Cocker Spaniel TrainingMany first-time owners will be surprised to know that there is such a thing as a dog lacking in good manners and right conduct.  Yes, there are many ways with which a cocker spaniel will show rudeness toward dogs and humans with many behaviours actually bordering on aggression.

Because of the breed’s stubborn streak, the importance of English cocker spaniel training cannot be overemphasized.  Otherwise, the dog can develop more than a few nasty rude behaviours that can lead to distraction at least and destruction at most.  The good news is that the breed is characterized by its keen intelligence, great adaptability and merry nature, all of which are qualities that make for fast, easy and effective training.

Rude Behaviours

So, what are the types of rude behaviours that necessitate immediate English cocker spaniel training?  According to dog experts, such canine rudeness takes many forms of which the most notable are the following:

  • Talks, or more appropriately, barks back at its owner when told to do something but refuses to do so
  • Braces its legs in a tug-of-war when unwilling to give up possession of a thing
  • Pesters owner for attention especially when busy with other activities.
  • Grumbles when annoyed at anything
  • Steals food
  • Struggles during grooming sessions
  • Does vengeful acts against its owner

In short, the dog is behaving in a negative manner by performing all of the things that distracts its owner and destructs property in most instances.  Other signs that dog training must be undertaken include inappropriate barking, biting and growling as well as chewing, chomping and digging.

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Dominant Behaviour

The first rule in effective results for English cocker spaniel training is to establish the pack order.  We are talking about firmly asserting your dominance over the cocker spaniel as the leader of the pack.  And as leader, you must lead and the dog must follow – no ifs, no buts about it.

Keep in mind that when the dog is allowed even for just one instance to be disrespectful toward the hand that feeds it, you will find yourself towing the dog’s line instead of the other way around.  You must establish and then maintain the pecking order where you are number one and the dog is a mere number two in the hierarchy of the household.

Once human dominance has been firmly established, English cocker spaniel training can proceed so much more smoothly.  Your pet dog will then respect your dominance as the leader and, thus, follow your commands.  The abovementioned rude behaviours can then be slowly but surely eliminated until such time that your English cocker spaniel is the most well-behaved dog in the block.

But being the leader of the pack on one hand and a good follower for the dog on the other hand are not just the benefits that can be enjoyed during training.  You will have a happier, healthier and smarter pet, too, because of their better sense of safety and security.  Indeed, English cocker spaniel training make for a better pet for everybody concerned so much so that the time, effort and money spent on the endeavor will pay for itself many times over.

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