Cocker Spaniel Tips

Cocker Spaniel TipsIn many respects, the cocker spaniel tips provided by canine experts are similar to the types of advice offered for any other dog breed.  Differences in approach come in to account for the breed’s unique characteristics such as its stubborn streak, its keen intelligence, and its merry optimism.  Indeed, despite the breed’s close association with the rage syndrome – it is very rare, however, with a few cocker spaniels more prone to it than others such as solid color, red/golden, male and English cocker spaniels – these dogs are great family pets with the right choice, training and care.

Choosing the Right Dog

The best of the cocker spaniel tips starts with choosing the right dog for your life.  Ask around for the breeder who does not engage in inbreeding of these dogs as it can result to far more health issues in both the physical and mental sense.

Once said breeder has been found, it is also important to determine that all of the necessary tests have been done for the hips, knees and eyes.  The cocker spaniel must be deemed healthy especially as the breed is one of the riskiest breed in terms of health.

Training for Potty

As soon as your new pet comes home, it is critical to start on the potty training immediately.  You must take the puppy outside to the designated potty area, point it out and say “Potty”.

One of the best cocker spaniel tips in this regard is that close supervision must be done during the first few days of the potty training.  A regular schedule of bowel and bladder elimination must also be set.  Understandably, you will be placed at an inconvenient position but if you want the dog to be easily trained in all other areas like house rules and field activities, then potty training must be successful.

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Training for Good Behaviour

And speaking of house rules, the cocker spaniel must follow the rules set by its master – you.  Many owners complain of inappropriate behaviour from their dogs such as unprovoked biting, excessive barking and rude jumping on people without realizing that these actions are the result of trying to be friends – equals, if you will – with their pets.

Well, the first of the many cocker spaniel tips in training for good behaviour is to set the pecking order at the first instance of meeting.  You are the leader of the pack and your cocker spaniel is the follower such that whatever you command must be followed without hesitation.

Looking After the Health

As previously implied, the cocker spaniel presents so many possible health problems that looking after its physical and mental well-being must be on top of the list after training in potty and house rules.  These health problems include cataracts, glaucoma, heart diseases, liver illnesses, hyperthyroidism and epilepsy.

You must work closely with the vet in order to spot any symptom of ill health as soon as it happens.  Grooming is also important since many of these diseases start from the ears, toes and the coat.

There are many other cocker spaniel tips, of course.  You will learn these tips as you go along with caring for one of the best breeds in the canine world.

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