Cocker Spaniel Problems

Cocker Spaniel ProblemsWe must emphasize that known cocker spaniel problems are very similar to the issues faced with other dog breeds. After all, the canine family shares many attributes as much as the races in the human species do as well. Pet owners must, nonetheless, be attuned to the unique problems of the breed from the training issues to the health concerns.

Training Issues

Cocker spaniels, like other dog breeds, can be guilty of rude behaviors that lead to annoyance, to say the least, of the pet owners. Such canine rudeness can take the form of disobeying commands made despite repeated attempts; refusing to give up something in a tug-of-war episode; grumbling when annoyed; stealing of food and other items owned by the humans; struggling during grooming sessions; and doing vengeful acts against humans and dogs in the household.

Yet another of the cocker spaniel problems that require immediate action is the manifestation of aggressive behavior in relation to the dog’s expression of dominance over humans. These behavioural problems can take the form of barking, biting and chewing on both man and things.

The good news is that these training issues can be remedies, so to speak, with the proper approach. We are talking about asking for help in crate, obedience and house training from family and friends as well as from dog experts. Just remember that the responsibility falls on your shoulders in the end.

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Health Issues

In many dog forums, one of the first things to notice about opinions on cocker spaniel problems pertains to health. Although other dog breeds also have their fair share of health problems, it appears that one of the cocker spaniels’ less desirable attributes are their tendency to be inflicted with diseases more than other breeds. Still, it is an issue that can be overcome with proper home and veterinary care.

Still, for purposes of discussion, here are a few of these health problems that affect cocker spaniels:

  • Congenital deafness affects both American and English cocker spaniels. Usually, the cause is the degeneration of the blood supply to the inner ear at 3-4 weeks of age.

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) is a disease for which cocker spaniels have high risks. It is a medical condition where the dog’s immune system attacks the blood cells that may lead to death from blood loss and related complications. Fortunately, it is treatable usually with steroids and chemotherapy drugs.

Hypothyroidism is yet another of the health problems for which cocker spaniels is predisposed. Symptoms include lethargy, weight gain and hair loss while treatment is through thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

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Behavioural Issues

The third category for cocker spaniel problems involves behavioural issues almost unique to the breed. For one thing, many cocker spaniels are very timid to the point of being extremely agitated around new persons and in new situations. In most instances, submissive urination takes place.

For another thing, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, cocker spaniels are highly predisposed to the rage syndrome. Basically, it is when the dog starts to exhibit aggressive behavior against its owners with little to no provocation at all.

The good news is that even these opposite types of cocker spaniel problems can be treated. Training is the key but that’s another story altogether.

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