Cocker Spaniel Potty Training

Cocker Spaniel Potty TrainingThe importance of cocker spaniel potty training is not just about keeping the house hygienic – no dog poop and pee inside the house, to be exact – but more importantly about teaching your dog the right household manners.  Such good manners will form the foundation for training in other areas like canine socialization and obedience trials, both of which are essential to make the cocker spaniel a well-adjusted pet in and out of the house.

Here then are the most effective tips in potty training. We must take note that these tips are mainly geared toward puppies being introduced to the rules of the house although adult cocker spaniels can also be potty trained in these ways with a few tweaks to account for their age.

Be Positive

Yes, we are talking about being positive in two ways here.  On one hand, you must persevere while undertaking cocker spaniel potty training especially as it will not happen overnight.  On the other hand, you have to be positive in setting your goal for the activity particularly where wording it is concerned.

Look at the difference in these two goals – first, teaching your cocker spaniel to not eliminate its bodily wastes inside the house and, second, training your new pet to go potty outside of the house in the designated potty area.  While the first one focuses on negative reinforcement, the second one aims for positive reinforcement and we all know by now just how effective the latter is when it comes to training a dog.

Be Specific

One of the main problems with cocker spaniel potty training is that owners will not identify a specific place in which the bladder and bowel movements must be performed.  Many will just command their dogs to go out and go potty without providing the necessary assistance in pointing out the potty place.

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Well, this should not be so as you have to be very specific about the command, time and place of the potty activity.  Cocker spaniels may rank high on the list of the most intelligent canine breeds but it must be emphasized that going potty in a hygienic way is a learned skill with the human owner as the teacher.  These tips can help in this aspect of potty training:

  • Teach your pet the words for elimination like “Go potty”
  • Accompany it to the preferred spot, which can be a portion of the yard or a litter box located outside. Point out the place and command the puppy to go potty while waiting for it to finish.
  • Establish a strict routine where the puppy will be introduced to the concept of going potty. For example, take your pet outside as soon as it wakes up, every 3 hours, after every meal and 2 hours before bedtime.

Soon enough, your efforts in cocker spaniel potty training will bear fruit, so to speak, when your pet will intentionally seek the potty place to do its business.  You must be able to read its body language when it does want to go potty. And naturally, you have to praise the puppy whenever it goes potty in the designated place.  When accidents do happen in the first dew days of the cocker spaniel potty training, just clean up the mess – no hitting and no severe scolding- and start the process all over again.

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