Cocker Spaniel Obedience

Obedience Training Cocker SpanielsMost dog experts will agree that cocker spaniel obedience training can be a breeze considering the breed’s keen intelligence, merry optimism and eagerness to please its master.  The again, there are also negative traits in the breed that can pose difficulties during obedience training not least of which is the breed’s well-known stubborn streak even when the command has been given at the top of your lungs.

Fortunately, there are ways with which to make life easier for you and your cocker spaniel where obedience is concerned.  These ways can also be applied to other dog breeds in obedience training as well as in potty and house training.

Put Yourself in the Dog’s Shoes

The man-dog relationship, like most other types of relationships, must be based on good communication.  As such, you must seek to understand your pet in the same way that it will try to understand your commands.  Indeed, cocker spaniel obedience is a two-way street where man and dog communicates with each other through a set platform composed of spoken commands, hand gestures and even whistle signals.

With that being the case, you must put yourself in your pet’s shoes in terms of how it reacts to your commands, body language and whistles.  This can be achieved only with close interactions with your cocker spaniel as each dog has its own unique personality interspersed by the innate qualities of your breed.

For example, females are often easier to teach than males because the latter can get easily distracted.  Or solid colored cocker spaniels often have unexplained symptoms of rage than their light colored counterparts.

Put Respect Training First

Undoubtedly, cocker spaniel obedience training must also be based on respect on both sides but more so on the side of the dog.  On your part, you must learn to respect the dog’s boundaries particularly where its food, toys and space as well as its physical and mental limitations are concerned.  When your dog seems unwilling to follow the commands because of the lengthy training session, then stop for that day.

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On the dog’s part, you must teach it to respect your position as the alpha dog of the pack.  You must always emphasize that the relationship is one of dependency – the dog relies on you for its food, shelter and care and, thus, you will never be equal in stature.  When your pet realizes that your position as the alpha dog is absolute, cocker spaniel obedience can proceed smoothly.

Put a Balance between Rewards and Reprimands

Along with respect, it is also important to adopt a balance of rewards and reprimands for good and bad behavior, respectively.  You will reward the cocker spaniel for its good behavior in following the commands and reprimand it for violating the directions.

Take note that the emphasis is on reprimands, not physical punishments through deprivation of affection, food and shelter.  Telling the dog “No” in a firm voice makes for better results than hitting it with a slipper or denying its supper.

There are many other things about cocker spaniel obedience but the most important thing is to start as soon as the puppy comes home.  Procrastinating in this regard will only lead to more problems in the future.

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