Cocker Spaniel Chewing

Like most other behaviours, Cocker Spaniel Chewthe act of cocker spaniel chewing on items around the house differs from one dog to the next.  Many cocker spaniels will be content to chew on the appropriate chew toys or not chew anything except solid food at all while others may have a special affinity for chewing anything and everything it takes a fancy on.

No matter what type of items aside from dog food and toys are being chewed on, you must take quick action lest the problem become too difficult to remedy later on.  The following are the most commonly suggested effective actions to stop the inappropriate chewing behaviour among cocker spaniels.

Remove the Temptations

You are the human with supposedly higher levels of intelligence than your pet. As such, it is your responsibility to take away the main temptations that causes your cocker spaniel chewing on your things.  You may have to observe the dog about its most favorite things to chew on so as to take them away, hide them in a secure place and make it out of reach of your pet.

In short, you must dog-proof your home as much as possible.  Common targets for chewing include books, clothing, leather shoes – and small crunchy appliances like cell phones, remote controls and digital cameras should ideally be out of reach from the dogs.  Of course, food treats and scraps must also be securely put away in proper containers.

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Training on the House Rules

Your pet must also be trained on the house rules including the things that cannot be chewed on and the things that can be the subject of an enthusiastic pet’s teeth.  Indeed, the cocker spaniel chewing behaviour is necessary in eating so you do not want it to stop either.

But chewing on the abovementioned things is undesirable and you must tell the dog about it.  Housebreaking is the best way to do so with the additional suggestion of taking your cocker spaniel to a dog-proofed area of the house until such time that it can understand the rules of the house.

What’s Mine is Mine

Many pet owners pave the way for failure in chew training by blurring the lines between what is the dog’s and what is the master’s possessions.  Be sure to provide the appropriate chew toys for the cocker spaniel – rubber toys and teething rings, for example – instead of giving your pet castoff things from your closet.

Unfortunately, dogs cannot distinguish what is old and what is new in shoes and, therefore what is good and bad to chew on from the perspective of the human handler.  You may find yourself having all the branded shoes in closet chewed on because you provided cheap leather shoes for your cocker spaniel as a toy.

Instead, you must provide for doggie alternatives like chew toys.  And then you must direct the cocker spaniel to said alternatives either by providing these things as rewards for a job well done or as bait to get him away from your shoes.

Last but not least, we strongly suggest spending quality time with your pet.  This is because the cocker spaniel chewing behaviour can be a way to get your attention, not to mention that spending more time with your pet means more supervision over its housebreaking.

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